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ACS 200

Immune booster.

Bad Air Sponge

Bad Air Sponge

Coconut Oil

32 fl ounces. Garden of Life Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil. Non GMO Vegan

Natural Cellular Defense

Every cell in your body is under constant attack from toxins. Heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminum and countless other toxins attack our body’s defenses, causing us to age, get headaches, feel tired, get sick and the list goes on and on. But you already know this. What you need is a solution. The solution is Natural Cellular Defense – the first liquid zeolite with the most bioavailable formula on the market today. Period.

Sambucol Cold & Flu

Homeopathic relief for cold and flu symptoms.

Shampoo 11oz

Babassu Oil, Aloe and Vitamins transform unruly or frizzy hair into soft, controlled, all-day smoothness. PLEASE SPECIFY SCENT: -Lemon _Ylang Ylang -Tea Tree -Lavender

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There are HUGE differences in supplements. Quality can vary tremendously. The vast majority of supplements on the market are synthetic, DrVitamins offers a better metabolized whole food or natural supplement that often gives a better result. This is one reason why nearly all of our products are whole food extracts and concentrates. ALL of the nutrition is there. Dr. Theodore Cole, medical advisor, uses these products at the Cole Center for Healing and Cincinnati Hyperbarics everyday.