Almond Delight Goat Milk Soap


This Almond Delight Goat Milk Soap is one of 13 goat milk soap scents you’ll find year-round in the Bend Soap Co shop. The natural almond scent in this soap is mildly nutty and cozy with just a touch of sweetness. Made with just four main all-natural ingredients, our goat milk soap is packed with the moisturizers, vitamins, and minerals your skin needs to look and feel its best. Love your skin… One bar at a time!


If you already love our Almond Delight Goat Milk Lotion then you’re going to fall in love with this delicious goat milk soap! The scent can best be described as a mix between an almond biscotti with a touch of sweet cream. This soap is moisturizing and comforting with a scent that may just make your mouth water.

As always, we encourage anyone with allergies or hesitations about using this product to test on a small portion of the product on their body to be sure they don’t experience any type of allergic reaction.


*****Fresh Goat’s Milk, Saponified Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Red Palm Oil, and Natural Almond Scent. That’s it!