Pure L- Lysine 100 caps


essential amino acid-500mg


Lysine‚ an essential amino acid‚ is found in muscle tissue. It promotes bone growth & collagen production‚ and is responsible for calcium absorption in the intestinal tract. Vitamins‚ especially B-6 and Vitamin C‚ are required for proper metabolism and conversion (with Methionine) into Carnitine. Although required by the body‚ as an essential amino acid it cannot be manufactured within the body‚ and must be obtained by consuming foods with Lysine‚ or through supplementation. • Many diets‚ including strict vegetarian‚ are low in Lysine. A proper ratio of 2 to 1 in relationship to Arginine levels is necessary for proper biochemical balance. Some of the foods high in Lysine are beef‚ cottage cheese‚ chicken‚ tuna‚ turkey‚ and yogurt. There are small amounts in legumes and in some vegetables‚ such as potatoes. • Some foods high in Arginine are nuts‚ seeds‚ soy protein‚ chocolate‚ carob‚ and coconut. Those consuming large amounts of these foods and small amounts of Lysine-rich foods may have a Lysine/Arginine imbalance. Lysine supplementation will help to correct this imbalance. Since Arginine stimulates the activity of the Herpes virus‚ those with Herpes should restrict their consumption of these foods. • Amino acid analysis of those with viruses such as Herpes‚ Epstein Barr and Mononucleosis show low levels of Lysine with imbalances in the Lysine/Arginine ratios. Supplementation with Lysine increases blood plasma levels of Lysine. The higher levels of Lysine present in the plasma‚ the lower the incidence of Herpes outbreaks. Studies show Lysine inhibits the growth of the Herpes Virus. Continued use of supplementation is essential‚ since discontinuing Lysine can quickly result in Lysine imbalances and new outbreaks of the virus. • Stress‚ colds and sunlight can stimulate outbreaks‚ therefore‚ at these times (or if high Arginine foods are consumed) it is suggested that the dosage of L-Lysine be increased to maintain proper balance and help control the severity‚ duration and recurrence of the outbreaks.

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Ingredients per capsule: L-Lysine HCL 500 mg Other ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose‚ Magnesium Stearate‚ Gelatin.