Lithium Orotate 20mg


Promote mental wellness


When most people discuss lithium‚ the subject of mental illness will undoubtedly come up. It’s true that a drug called lithium carbonate (which is comprised of lithium and a compound of carbon and oxygen) is often prescribed to treat mood disorders‚ but there are several benefits to taking a lithium orotate (lithium and vitamin B-13) supplement as well. With lithium orotate‚ you may also have less to worry about when it comes to your liver’s health‚ because it can potentially improve liver function with a therapeutic dosage significantly lower than that of lithium carbonate. It’s always advisable for a medical professional to monitor your organ function and blood levels. Many people also take lithium orotate to promote mental wellness. In addition‚ it has recently been discovered that lithium orotate may increase gray matter in the brain. Gray matter is the part of the brain that contains nerve cells; age‚ drug use‚ diet‚ pollution‚ and stress can all contribute to the disintegration of these cells. Taking a lithium supplement can help protect and strengthen your brain cells. This means that even if you’re not suffering from any type of mental condition‚ you can do something good for your brain by adding lithium into your daily routine. Non-prescription lithium orotate is also known to strengthen the immune system and promote healthy blood glucose levels. Diabetics may also find it a helpful supplement to their prescription regimen. Each dose of Vital Nutrients’ Lithium Orotate contains 20 mg of the active ingredient. A bottle provides 90 vegetable capsules. Take one capsule daily‚ or as directed by your healthcare professional. This supplement has been independently tested for criteria including potency‚ authenticity‚ stability and bacteria‚ yeast and mold counts‚ and solvent residue. Vital Nutrients provides a variety of effective‚ safe dietary supplements. All of their products are gluten-free‚ GMO-free‚ and packaged in BPA-free bottles.

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

Lithium (orotate) contains per veg. capsule:Lithium (orotate) 20mg Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose Capsule‚ Rice Powder. May contain Ascorbyl Palmitate and/or Silica.